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FBA Preparation

ShipTroy is always with you with its up-to-date and reliable FBA service, shaped by the problems experienced in the drop-shipping process and your requests! Thus, we aim to get you out of a warehouse service where you can keep your products independent of the replenishment service.

Retailing Fulfillment

ShipTroy stores the product you want for you and safely delivers the desired amount to your customers with this service. With our software we have developed, you can see your inventory at any time; We take you one step ahead of your competitors by carrying out your shipments without any problems.

Merchant Fulfillment

ShipTroy assist you for manage many markets simultaneously and efficiently at affordable rates. Aiming the best performing 3PL experience, shiptroy monitors the entire process from product acceptance to shipping, under the supervision of its experienced team and with its solid technical infrastructure.


With the ShipTroy Warehousing service, it provides the necessary environmental conditions for you and stores your products at affordable costs until you are ready for shipping.


Easily access all the services required for dropshipping, from ShipTroy's customer-oriented service approach!.

Streamline the Process

Track your orders and inventory in real time with our simple yet advanced fulfillment software.

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ShipTroy helps you grow your business and compete with major vendors. Start selling your products by sending them to our warehouse.

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ShipTroy offers you the best prices for your dropshipping shipments and FBA parcels. Aiming to provide a perfect shipping experience, shiptroy is with you at every stage.

Of course, you can reach us at +1 305 814 6484 during working hours on weekdays.

Only parcels are accepted and processed on the weekend. Since intermediary firms do not work, we only accept and process parcels.

We work with UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and Canada Post.

All your messages are returned within a maximum of 24 hours.

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