About Us

ShipTroy is the fulfillment center where you are informed from the moment your products arrive here until they are delivered to your customers.

Why choose us?

The purpose of establishment of ShipTroy is to provide better quality and affordable service to its customers by eliminating the main problems experienced by you, our valuable users.

ShipTroy founding members have been selling online, Amazon and many other online markets since 2014 and have the opportunity to personally experience the needs of the industry.

Let's grow your business together!

We want to take your business to the next level. Our warehouses and services allow you to grow, progress and take time for yourself.

Who We Are?

Established in a Turkish - American partnership, ShipTroy has the necessary equipment and knowledge to cope with all legal and financial problems that may arise for this reason. As ShipTroy, we aim to do more than just be a warehouse where you can send your products by constantly improving the services we can provide to you in order to raise awareness. 

At ShipTroy, we know that the smallest problem you have with your customers can cost you more than an order. For this reason, ShipTroy has made it a company principle to provide trouble-free and quality service.

ShipTroy is constantly developing its software and technological infrastructure in line with the needs of you and the market in order to provide better service to you, our valued customers, with its experienced staff.

ShipTroy's Warehouse location has been carefully chosen and aims to save you from many tax-related legal liabilities.

ShipTroy carefully selects the solution partners it works with while serving you. It is constantly improving its software infrastructure in order to predict any problems that may occur before they occur.