Benefit from ShipTroy's customer-oriented service approach, and easily access all the services required for dropshipping!


Product Acceptance

Know where your product is! ShipTroy customers are notified of the delivery status of the products they sell from Amazon via text message and email. Thus, they are protected from possible damage caused by undelivered products.  

ShipTroy barcodes each received product as it enters the warehouse. This means that your product will be easily tracked in the entire process up to the shipping stage and its loss will be prevented. In case of problems with the shipping process, shiptroy will notify you and allow you to return the product.

Preparing for Submission

Your products are entrusted to us!

If there is a problem with your products received to be stored in our warehouse, it will be communicated to you before shipping. Remember that ShipTroy acts with the principle of customer satisfaction and packages your products in a way that will not be damaged. For this reason, it does not use plastic bags or bubble wrap. Instead, Fedex and Amazon parcels are preferred and risks are minimized.

On the other hand, you are always prepared for nasty surprises for smooth customs clearance. Because ShipTroy notifies you if you have products that are likely to encounter difficulties at customs.

FBA Preparation


Enjoy safe and hassle-free shipping!

ShipTroy, working with expert solution partners; It proves that fast, high quality and budget-friendly shipping is possible. Choose any of the logistics companies, each of which is reputable in its field, and entrust your products to us with customs duty paid. Moreover, with the insured shipping service that Shiptroy will launch very soon, you will feel safe against the damages arising from your lost or damaged products in the cargo.