Merchant Fulfillment

Drop us the details with seller acceptance service and just focus on increasing your earnings

Complete and Fast Product Acceptance

“Your products are just as valuable as you are.”

We know how important time is to you. For this reason, we develop our product acceptance (fulfillment) process in the most efficient way. Based on the fact that every passing minute affects the costs you incur, we shape our service approach accordingly.

The products you have sent are received on the same day, ready for dispatch, regardless of the quantity. In addition, the quantity of the received products or the quality due to shipping are also reported to you on the same day.

With shiptroy, which increases its service diversity day by day, you will soon have the opportunity to work simultaneously with many e-commerce platforms. By using our panel, you will be able to make transactions in multiple stores without connecting to your e-store and with just a few clicks. Thus, you will save a significant amount of time and leave your competitors behind. So much so that with this new service, you will have an e-shop integrated with Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Ebay, Walmart, and many more e-commerce platforms.

Inventory Management

Meet your product warehouse on your computer!

We care about your products as much as you do, and we store all your products with full care and under appropriate conditions. You can view the stock amount and inventory status of your products on the ShipTroy control screen and plan your online sales in the best way by identifying your products that are not suitable for shipping.

Product Preparation Procedures

Get ready for sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Every online seller needs an expert companion. Known for its command of the standards required by online shopping platforms, ShipTroy offers you all the preparation solutions you are looking for, from packaging to barcoding. While you determine the details, we work like a professional guide for you to progress further in the world of e-commerce.

Fast and Cost-Effective Shipping

Rise on the shoulders of giants!

Expanding its professional network through international agreements, ShipTroy brings you together with logistics giants. ShipTroy customers can take advantage of world-renowned shipping companies and ship their products all over the world at very reasonable prices. 

For this, choose any of the professional cargo companies that are shiptroy's solution partners and leave the rest to us. Even you will be surprised at the distance you will get in a short time.


Drop us the details with seller acceptance service!

With ShipTroy support, you can manage many markets simultaneously and efficiently at affordable rates. Aiming for the best performing 3PL experience, shiptroy follows the entire process from product acceptance to shipping, under the supervision of its experienced team and with its solid technical infrastructure. Thus, we provide the time-cost balance for you and aim to achieve the highest possible profit in online sales.

Order Management

It's our job to race against time!

You can track your orders through ShipTroy throughout the entire process and view the shipping status simultaneously. You can also convey small surprises and promotional gifts that pave the way to the hearts of your customers through your product. If you wish, you can send your orders via shiptroy without your approval.


Numbers never lie; trust the reports!

Thanks to the detailed reports provided by ShipTroy, you can get an impression of the variation of your costs for multiple products. You can build your competitive strategy on the numbers in these reports and make your competitor analysis in this direction. You can view the number of days remaining before you run out of stock, the effect of promotions on stock levels, the average cart value per shipping method, the shipping cost, and the number of days passed.